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It’s a Long Recovery from Back Surgery, so why not skip it?

Complex back surgeries are followed by months of recovery. The speed of your recovery depends on the following factors: how many spinal levels are being operated on, whether you're having a fusion or not & how invasive your surgeons techniques are.

On the day of your back surgery, your main objective will be to rest. While some patients are discharged on the day of their operation, most stay in the hospital for one to five days. You will be able to go home once you have good control of your pain & are able to walk, eat & use the restroom independently.

Over the next few weeks, you slowly increase activity levels. You may go to a PT to help push your recovery along: Exercise is a crucial part of your recovery, since strengthening your back muscles can improve mobility & reduce pain. Still, there will be activity restrictions. Pay attention to your surgeon’s advice & let pain be a warning not to push yourself too hard.

The worst of the pain will likely be gone 1-4 weeks post-operation.

At Triangle Spinal Decompression, we use Safe, Effective & Affordable treatment avoiding the pain, recovery & rehab of surgery.

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