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Most research has shown spinal decompression to be successful in 71%-89% of patients.

More than 10 different research studies have been conducted with all of them showing good results for patients treated with spinal decompression. Here is a summary of some of the research studies performed on spinal decompression. At the 18th Annual Meeting American Academy of Pain Management, Tampa Fl, John Leslie of the Mayo Clinic found that all studies utilized the following: -Multi-center, phase II, non-randomized pilot study utilizing spinal decompression -Designed to evaluate the effectiveness & safety of spinal decompression in the treatment of chronic lower back pain -Patients enrolled – average of ten years of chronic back pain -After 2 weeks of treatments of spinal decompression – 50% reduction in pain scores -Upon completion of the entire 6 week protocol success rate of 88.9% was documented #spinaldecompression #backsurgery #slippeddisc #HNP #herniateddisc

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