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Sciatica commonly occurs when a herniated disk compresses part of a nerve in the lowback.

Updated: Apr 26

Sciatica is usually random in its patterns. It may come & go. Even when it is present all the time, the symptoms may change in perception & intensity. The pain usually burns in a linear pattern down the back or side of the leg. However, virtually any area of the lower body can suffer terrible agony.

The upper sciatica symptoms in the buttocks can destroy any attempt at maintaining good posture & can make standing a real chore. You may have terrible soreness & cramps in the buttocks muscles & even all the way around to one or both hips.

The leg pain is present regardless of positioning in many instances, with a restful recline not providing any marked relief compared to walking or standing. There is just no escape from the pain, the tingling, the burning, the numbness & the weakness in the lower anatomy.

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