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See Us Before Back Surgery!

Back surgery is sometimes necessary, but it should rarely be the first choice. This is because most back pain will respond to conservative care. In fact, in most cases; conservative care should be exhausted before submitting to spinal surgery. At Triangle Spinal Decompression, we treat patients conservatively with very positive results; decreasing pain & increasing range of motion. In most cases, patients avoid spinal surgery all together. We use safe, effective & affordable computerized decompression to reduce pressure from spinal nerves & intervertebral discs. Spinal Decompression Therapy creates a vacuum or unloading of the disc; causing bulges & herniations to retract & reduce in size. This also helps to promote disc hydration & health by pushing nutrient rich fluid back into the disc. Statistically, >90% of people will respond to conservative care. Although we cannot help everyone, we have an enviable history of success. Call Triangle Spinal Decompression to discover how we may help. 919-469-8897

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