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Should I continue activities with a herniated disc?

I've heard that continuing with activities will make my disc problem worse. While it is true that extreme pain episodes may require rest, continued activity is generally advised for patients with slipped, herniated or bulging discs. Simple activities (such as walking & mild stretches), can reduce the loss of muscle strength & endurance. It can reduce deconditioning of muscles which in itself can be a source of pain. Obviously, it may be sensible to avoid certain types of activities such as heavy lifting, impact sports, etc. as your body attempts to repair itself. However, movement plays an essential role in the healing process. Continuing to move can help improve posture, flexibility & muscle strength. At Triangle Spinal Decompression, we carefully manage your treatment & recovery. We're with you every step of the way. We help you avoid the risks, pain, inconvenience & expense of major surgery. Find out how Triangle Spinal Decompression may offer a solution to your pain. Call Dr Neill or Dr Swank at 919-469-8897 or visit #backpain #backsurgery #neckpain #spinesurgery #hnp #slippeddisc #sciatica #spinaldecompression

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