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Slipped Discs: Understanding Symptoms, Risks, & Treatments

We've all heard about slipped discs, but the truth is, vertebral discs don't actually slip out of place. If you suspect you might have a slipped disc, it's crucial to understand the symptoms, risks & treatment options available.

1. Understanding the Anatomy: Contrary to popular belief, a "slipped disc" doesn't slide anywhere. The disc is a cushioning material between vertebrae, comprised of a tough outer ring & a gel-like substance in the center. When the outer ring is compromised, the gel-like substance can escape, putting pressure on nerves.

2. Symptoms Beyond the Back: While a herniated disc can cause pain at the site of the rupture, it's more common to experience pain in other areas such as the arms, buttocks, legs or feet.

3. Conservative Treatment Options: Most slipped discs can be effectively treated with conservative methods such as Spinal Decompression Therapy. This non-invasive approach aims to relieve pressure on the affected discs & nerves, offering safe, lasting & effective pain relief.

4. Surgery as a Last Resort: Surgery should be considered only when conservative treatments have been exhausted. Herniated disc surgery involves the removal of the herniated fragment near the nerve, either through open surgery or minimally invasive techniques.

We’re the place to start! Triangle Spinal Decompression in Cary, NC provides safe, effective, & affordable treatment for neck, arm, back or leg pain caused by bulging or herniated discs.

Call Dr Neill or Dr Swank - 919-469-8897

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