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Spinal degeneration typically begins in our 30’s.

Spinal degeneration typically begins in our 30’s. In fact, from age 40 on, most people lose a quarter to a half-inch of height with each decade. Changes in discs start to be noticeable. Slowly, a pattern of disc height loss w/ facet degeneration & ligamentous thickening is evident. As degeneration continues; disc space loss is noted along w/ facet fusion & vertebral body changes.

The progress of spinal degeneration can be slowed, halted & possibly reversed. By restoring (insofar as possible) normal motion to the joints in the spine, the spine will heal. Non-surgical Spinal Decompression helps restore the health of discs, reduces pressure on spinal nerves & elements - eliminating pain & symptoms.

What would your life be like without daily pain? Triangle Spinal Decompression offers safe, effective & affordable treatment for neck, back & leg pain due to slipped, bulging or herniated discs. Without addictive drugs or the risks of spinal surgery. Call 919-469-8897

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