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The four most common spinal operations:

Here are the four most common spinal operations:

1. Discectomy –A procedure removing all or a portion of a disc. An artificial disc may be placed to help keep the spine stable

2. Foraminotomy – The spinal foramen is a bony hollow passageway through which spinal nerves travel. The procedure increases the space in the passageway, so nerves pass through freely

3. Laminectomy – The lamina is a portion of the vertebral bone that acts as a wall to the spinal canal. During a laminectomy, the lamina is removed in order to decompress the area. This procedure may be performed in conjunction with another operation like a fusion or discectomy to stabilize the area & ensure all compressing structures are removed

4. Spinal Fusion –This involves the fusing of two adjacent vertebrae together. Spinal fusion is best for treating low back pain caused by severe degenerative disc disease it can be performed as alone or with a discectomy or laminectomy

If you have been told you require surgery & live in the Cary, NC area, you owe it to yourself to learn more about non-surgical spinal decompression. Although we cannot help everyone, we have an enviable history of success. For those that require surgery, we work with the best spinal surgeons in the southeast.

Remember, you can always have an operation, but you cannot undo an operation. We are the place to start. 

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