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What may I expect with Spinal Decompression?

Your comfort & safety is our top priority, & we want your Spinal Decompression treatment to be enjoyable & successful.

Typical treatment sessions are approx 30 mins in duration & are administered while you’re fully clothed. Unlike any other decompression device, you have several “face up” positioning options.

When you’re 100% comfortable, your session will start. During your DTS Therapy, you’ll experience cycles of stretch & relaxation, which gently increases to a peak over a period of several minutes. These gentle distractive forces of the Triton® DTS create decompression (unloading due to distraction & proper positioning) to improve blood flow, important nutrient exchange, relaxation & healing to the injured area. This helps provide relief from lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, & can aid in alleviating the pain of a pinched nerve.

In almost all cases, the treatments are completely painless. Most patients feel pain relief with as few as 4-6 treatments. However, even though the pain has decreased, it takes longer for the body to heal, so it’s critical that you follow the treatment protocol prescribed by Doctors.

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