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Why Choose Triangle Spinal Decompression In Cary, NC?

Updated: Apr 26

Why Choose Triangle Spinal Decompression In Cary, NC?

Experience: Our Doctors have been in practice since 1990 & have successfully treated hundreds of cases. While spinal decompression technology has gained recognition & numerous practitioners are adopting this modality, it is important to note that expertise is cultivated over time through experience. To draw a parallel, possessing a driver's license qualifies one to operate a car, but winning a NASCAR race requires years of track experience.

State of the Art Spinal Decompression: We utilize the Triton® DTS™ Decompression System manufactured by the Chattanooga Group, the foremost manufacturer of physical medicine equipment. No other office has a more “sophisticated” spinal decompression system.

Affordability: We don’t lure people in with special offers. Our total cost is simply less than most other local practitioners. The total cost of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy (& includes physiotherapy) is typically less than $1500. Importantly, treatment cost is divided into blocks of care, instead of all payment in advance.

We don’t over-treat: Although generally effective, non-surgical spinal decompression isn’t appropriate for everyone. We expect progress & positive results within 4-6 treatments.  Should a patient not be responding to care, we refer or co-manage with other medical specialists.

Find out more! Call Dr Swank or Dr Neill at 919-469-8897.

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