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A herniated disc (HNP) in the lower back can cause various sensations & pain.

Typical symptoms:

1. Radiating Pain: Pain radiates down into the buttocks, thighs or legs. This is known as sciatica & can cause tingling, numbness or a burning sensation.

2. Localized Pain: You may experience intense pain in the lower back, often concentrated to one side. This pain can be sharp, shooting or a constant ache.

3. Muscle Weakness: Herniated discs can press on nerves, leading to muscle weakness in the legs or feet. You may have difficulty lifting, standing for long periods or walking normally.

4. Reduced Mobility: The pain & discomfort limits your range of motion, making it challenging to bend, twist or perform everyday activities.

5. Worsening Pain with Activity: Symptoms are worse with bending forward, sitting for prolonged periods or lifting heavy objects.

6. Intermittent Symptoms: The severity of symptoms may vary, with some days being better than others.

Generally, only 10% of lumbar herniated discs ultimately require surgery. Therefore, it’s crucial to know ALL of your treatment options. This is extremely important because definitive treatment usually doesn’t involve a back operation!

Triangle Spinal Decompression offers safe, effective & affordable treatment for slipped, bulging or herniated discs. We are the place to start; you’ll receive a thorough evaluation & correct diagnosis. Based on your results, we’ll recommend appropriate treatment, even if it requires referring you to another specialist. 919-469-8897

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