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Ditch the Drugs & Cure Your Back Pain

Correcting the cause of back pain is preferable to simply managing or masking symptoms with prescription drugs for several reasons:

1. Curing back pain involves identifying & addressing the underlying cause. Rx drugs may provide temporary relief but do not necessarily solve the problem. This results in further progression with future or related complications.

2. Better quality of life compared to symptom management. Addressing the actual problem allows individuals to regain their health & function at optimal levels without the limitations imposed by ongoing symptoms or medication side effects.

3. Eliminates /decreases the need for long-term medication use. Managing symptoms with Rx drugs requires ongoing medication use, which often leads to issues such as tolerance, dependence & adverse effects over time.

Of course, not all causes of back pain can be cured; therefore pharmaceutical management may be necessary. However, in 2009 70% of US doctor visits produced a prescription. Between 2009 - 2024 the number of prescriptions in the U.S. has nearly doubled, indicating an even greater trend toward management over cure.

At Triangle Spinal Decompression in Cary, NC, we prioritize an accurate, thorough diagnosis, a comprehensive explanation of your condition & exploration of all available treatment options. Contact us at 919-469-8897

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