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Persistent neck, shoulder or arm pain is often due to an undiagnosed herniated disc.

When a cervical disc herniates, sufferers typically experience pain/symptoms based on which disc is involved.

Cervical disc herniation symptoms:

• C5 nerve - May cause pain/weakness in the upper arm or shoulder pain

• C6 nerve - May cause pain/weakness in the biceps & wrist muscles. Numbness, tingling or pain may extend into the hand. This is the most common cervical disc herniation

• C7 nerve - May cause pain/weakness in the triceps & into the fingers. Tingling & numbness or pain may radiate down into the middle finger

• C8 nerve - May cause hand weakness. Numbness, tingling & pain may radiate down to the little finger

Triangle Spinal Decompression offers safe, effective & affordable treatment for neck, shoulder & arm pain due to slipped, bulging or herniated discs.

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