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What is Adjacent Segment Disease after Spine Surgery?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The spinal column is made up of motion segments; basically, one intervertebral disc & the vertebrae above & below the disc. Motion segments work together to absorb & distribute forces during activity & at rest; like the links in a chain or hinges on a door. If one of those links or hinges is artificially attached to an adjacent link it changes the way the whole chain moves.

Similarly, when one or more motion segments in the spine is fused & no longer moves, the motion segments above & below the spinal fusion compensate for lost motion at the fused level(s). As the adjacent segments’ mobility increases, they take on additional stress; this accelerated wear & tear may lead to adjacent segment disease.

Avoiding the risks & complications of spinal surgery is one of the best ways to combat ASD. At Triangle Spinal Decompression; we help patients avoid surgery with safe, affordable & effective treatment. Talk with Dr Swank or Dr Neill at 919-469-8897.

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