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What is Foot Drop or Drop Foot?

Updated: Mar 14

Foot drop is a condition commonly caused by nerve compression that may start gradually or appear suddenly; making it difficult to stand, walk or lift the affected foot.


Foot Drop Symptoms:


• Tripping. Weakness in the muscles of the foot & toes may result in frequent tripping.

• Falls. It is common to stumble & fall with foot drop. Falls occur due to the inability to properly lift the front part of the foot & toes while walking.

• High steppage gait. This type of walking pattern is characterized by raising the thigh up in an exaggerated fashion, such as in climbing stairs.

• Limp foot. The affected foot may flop away from the body.

• Numbness. Loss of sensation may occur in the lower leg &/or foot.

• Often unilateral. Foot drop typically affects one foot, especially when caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back or leg.


Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy can successfully treat Drop Foot caused by nerve compression. Call Triangle Spinal Decompression in Cary NC today! We’ll provide a thorough evaluation to determine how we may help! Call 919-469-8897

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