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Why would spinal decompression work when the orthopedic surgeon says I need to have a back operation

Spinal surgeons correct problems with an operation. However, surgery should generally be your last choice. Alternatively, Rx drugs, PT, etc, may help lessen pain or symptoms, but only non-surgical spinal decompression has been shown to achieve long term success.

Normally, attempting to treat a herniated disc with traction; causes muscles to tighten. However, spinal decompression bypasses this response by using sophisticated technology. This is important because the procedure allows the discs to be repositioned without causing muscle guarding & spasms.

The result? No surgery. No more pain. Reduction or elimination of nerve pressure. More freedom of movement. More flexibility. Your life gets back to normal.

If you have been diagnosed w/ a herniated, bulging or slipped disc & want to avoid surgery; call today. #slippeddisc #herniateddisc #sciatica #spinaldecompression #HNP #backsurgery

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