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What is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal Decompression is a high tech, non-surgical procedure that effectively treats low back, neck & radiating leg/arm pain associated w/ disc herniation, degenerative discs & posterior facet syndromes. Spinal Decompression effectively enhances the healing process & facilitates lasting pain relief enabling most patients to return to a more active lifestyle.

Our Triton DTS Spinal Decompression System is FDA approved & relieves pressure on spinal discs & facet joints by utilizing traction, distraction & positioning without the normally associated muscle guarding, tension or spasm. This aids in the healing of damaged discs & helps reverse dystrophic changes in nerves.

Spinal Decompression significantly reduces internal disc pressure. This facilitates the retraction of disc herniation & promotes the intake of fluids, oxygen & other substances necessary for disc healing.

Spinal Decompression research trials correlated clinical success w/ MRI evidence of disc repair. They found reductions of disc herniation ranging btwn 10- 90% depending sessions performed, case severity & associated factors. Another positive finding was disc annulus healing was evident in all cases!

Find out if effective & affordable spinal decompression can help restore your life. It’s a safe alternative to invasive spinal surgery or addictive Rx drugs Although we cannot help everyone, we have an enviable record of success; reducing & even eliminating back & neck pain altogether.

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